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Winter Housing



How can I keep my tortoise warm in the winter?


First picture is Dudley (100lb sulcata) emerging from his winter house.  Second picture shows the inside of Dudley’s house with the pig blanket.  I use the pig blanket on the floor for warmth.  It has a rheostat to maintain a steady temperature.  I also use a light fixture hanging from the ceiling to provide warmth from above.  At night the fixture holds a black-light bulb.


Some people like to have a regular shed for their tortoise’s winter house.  This is a picture of one of my sheds and inside the shed.


Your tortoise needs a large yard so he can get exercise.  My three desert tortoises live there. 


If your tortoise comes from the rain forest, then you need to plant your tortoise’s habitat with lots of trees and shrubs.  My Manouria tortoises live here.